Coral Short and Angela Gabereau present you with multiple possible futures.

Angela Gabereau and Coral Short are the mothers of "Future Visions" but everyone who has submitted videos is also an partial parent of this larger dynamic quilt of destinies. We hold the future together all of us with our everyday small actions and big daydreams. We all create our future queer world daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

As the holders of this internet space we would like to publicly state that we do not disagree or agree with the futures that are presented in this project but merely present them as public possibilities.

We have released this varied futures from an uncensored open call and are holding multiple visions within our own piece. We gift you the viewer a smorgasbord of queer futures.

Enjoy your future tarot card reading and come back to our site whenever you need to: will provide a different spread of readings with each visit. Tell your friends! We welcome you to share this link on social media.